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Magdesign targets enterprise innovation using a holistic approach to design thinking; combining design, strategy, and human-centered practices to create solutions that are experiential, impactful, and transformative. We understand that innovation in business requires collaboration and a deep understanding of target audience goals. We use this mindset alongside in-person or virtual design thinking workshops to tailor engagements to your needs. User experience consultants and design strategists will help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of the modern enterprise, in a manner that breeds a bias towards continuous innovation and restless reinvention.


  • Develop short, mid, or long-term visions for your company's products or services.

  • Align key internal and/or external stakeholders on the corporate strategy, product and service vision, and relevant business priorities.

  • Prioritize initiatives clearly with an unbiased and human-centered approach.

  • Define ideal "experience first" (not feature first) product roadmaps.

  • Understand how your users think, and what they need to discover, try, buy, and leverage your offerings.

  • Visualize how backstage aspects of your business affect how customers interact with you.

  • Identify new market segments and opportunities.

  • Reduce the risk of failure by surfacing known unknowns and understanding the impact of unconscious assumptions.

  • Innovate continually by leveraging feedback in your daily interactions with customers or stakeholders.


Design and facilitate highly collaborative, interactive, single or multi-day workshops (live, in-person or remote, via Zoom and Miro). You and your stakeholders will experience memorable, impactful, enjoyable, and energetic events where equal voices, participation, and contribution will yield outcomes in hours or days that typically take months. Events can include:

  • Product and Service Visioning

  • Stakeholder Alignment

  • Prioritization & Segmenting

  • Experience-Based Roadmapping

  • Persona & Archetype Development

  • Service Blueprinting

  • Macro and Micro Ideation

  • Business Canvasing

  • Product & Service Gap Analysis

  • Project Premortems

  • Retrospectives & Feedback Aggregation

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